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Jolly Rogers

The rivalry between pirates who fight for their dignity? The clash of swords, cannon firing; A constant flow of drinks and joy, will accompany you in this spectacular show.

Explore the incredible galleon that is a replica of the Santa María (or Marigalante, as it was known by its sailors) of Christopher Columbus, in which it sailed in its first trip to the Americas. Enjoy the fun and music that awaits you as pirates sway on the ropes and fight. Avoid walking on the iron, taking advantage of the free bar included in your ticket; Small pirates can be saved from washing the cover with a toothbrush if they eat all their dessert.

Your ticket includes a delicious meal, three and a half hours of open domestic bar, a party atmosphere and family fun. The pirate menu for kids is also available.




250 personas.


18:30 a 22:15 hrs.


Show Pirata, Barra Libre Nacional, Juegos, Cena según su elección:
• PREMIER: Carne y Langosta

No incluye:

Transportación redonda desde el Hotel, Propinas, impuesto de muelle usd$11.50 por persona, Fotografía y propinas usd$5.00 por persona.


Ropa cómoda y zapatos de piso de preferencia. NO menores de 5 años.

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