Capitan Hook

The firing of the cannons announces our launch, The Captain, your host will introduce you to your crew and will tell the adventures of your travels. The fun begins with contests, dances and a pirate show filled with entertainment for the whole family.

During their dinner, the Captain entertains them with stories of the epic pirate battles making him feel part of this exciting adventure, while the enemy boat approaches wrapped in the total darkness.

The Captain discovers the enemy ship and orders its crew to take a stand for the battle, the cannons are fired and the pirates armed with swords and pistols jump from one boat to another where a fight begins between our crew and the enemy.




280 personas.


18:30 a 22:00 hrs.


Show Pirata, Barra Libre Nacional, Juegos, Concursos, Cena según su elección:
• SURF & TURF: Carne y Langosta

No incluye:

Transportación redonda desde el Hotel, Propinas, impuesto de muelle usd$15.00 por persona, Fotografía y propinas usd$5.00 por persona.


Ropa cómoda y zapatos de piso de preferencia.

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